KATA 10-hour training

John Vellema, Mike Rother and Joakim Bjurström in dialogue about the KATA 10-hour course and on how important practice is to master new skills. First master the new skill and then improve it. As Mike usually says: "If you're still doing it the same way after 6 months, then something is wrong". The KATA 10-hour course teaches you the basic parts of Kata that, after a pilot project, may improve your internal culture.
KATA 10-hour training

The TWI Institute KATA 10-hour program follows the known and effective format from the TWI programs. 2 hours per day, during 5 days - and all participants will practice the method.

This program has been developed globally and in consultation with Mike Rother. In our development team, our consultant Joakim Bjurström, who is also our KATA Master Trainer, participated.

Through this KATA 10-hour course, you will learn about Improvement-KATA, Coaching-KATA, and how the TWI programs may be integrated as systematic methods to overcome obstacles, in order to get closer to the goal. Several companies add KATA Coaching after working on some of the TWI programs for some time. This will help you move on from the pilot project to daily use.

This course includes:

10-hour TWI format (Five 2-hour lessons)

  • Gives participants knowledge and the opportunity to practice in a safe environment.
  • Allows participants to absorb the material between lessons.
  • Accelerates the learning and development of KATA skills.

The "Learn-by-doing" way (no PowerPoints)

  • A more effective teaching. Hearing and seeing is not enough - we have to do it.
  • Practice and mentoring applied to real problems.

Well-defined program that can be spread globally - just like our TWI programs.

  • All participants get the exact same training, delivered by a certified trainer.
  • This standardized training and teaching method will ensure uniformity throughout the organization, which is crucial for a long-term and sustainable solution.

Mere viden om KATA?

Kontakt Joakim Bjurström for yderligere information omkring vores KATA program


Toyota KATA expert

Joakim Bjurström har oversat Toyota KATA bogen til svensk, i tæt samarbejde med Mike Rother. 

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